Entertainment palace becomes new music academy

After extensive renovation works, Hartwachs-Öl protects the Oak flooring of the new room of the music academy in Ljubljana

In the Slovene capital Ljubljana, at the north-western corner of the historic Congress Square, stands the imposing Kazina or Casino Building. With a large balcony above its entrance built on Doric columns and a façade decorated with Ionic pilasters, the building is an excellent representation of Neoclassical architecture. The semi-circular windows along the ground floor are an example of the so-called Rundbogenstil, a German-Austrian style from the mid-19th century. One of Ljubljana's most famous interior spaces is the richly decorated organ hall on the first floor.

Dating back to 1837, the Kazina was built as an initiative of the Casino Society, whose members included the famed Slovene poet France Prešeren. It was a venue for entertainment and the meeting place of the upper class of Ljubljana. In addition to its well-stocked reading room, the building served as a venue for numerous events to promote higher education, inform the public about political events and to entertain the high society.

In 1918, the Casino Society lost possession of the building and it changed hands several times. In 1921, it housed the Yugoslav Democratic Party. During the second World War, Italian soldiers occupied the Kazina and operated their headquarters. Today, the building accommodates a dance school, a bookstore and several public institutes.

As of 1 October 2022, the Academy of Music at the University of Ljubljana will officially enter the premises. Prior to the move, extensive renovation works on the Kazina were carried out and included the restauration of the columns, ornaments and frescoes. The floor has also been completely restored; 2800 m² of new and renewed Oak parquet flooring has been laid. To protect the parquet and enhance the Oak colour and grain, Osmo Hartwachs-Öl Original 3032 Clear Satin was applied. This natural-oil-and-wax-based coating provides wood protection from both inside and out. Thanks to its microporous and breathable surface, the Hartwachs-Öl finish allows the natural moisture exchange between the wood and its surroundings, which will improve indoor air quality throughout the music academy and especially in the impressive organ hall.


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