Spruce wood in its best shape

For decades, Osmo has been providing pleasure in natural wood and impressing with innovative materials and ecological sustainability. New Osmo Thermo Spruce is a perfect example of this and sets standards in the areas of durability, eco-balance and stability.

Optimum properties through thermal treatment

Spruce is native to Germany and Europe and has an attractive appearance as well as an excellent ecological and energy balance. The special thermal treatment ensures that the special qualities of this wood species are preserved in the long term. Thermo Spruce is an optimal addition to our product range and fits perfectly with our philosophy: Lasting joy in the beauty of nature.

  • Excellent eco-balance
  • Long lifetime
  • Keeps its shape
  • Weather-resistant
  • 100 % recyclable
  • 100 % free of chemicals
Osmo Thermo Spruce for long-lasting garden decks

Thermo Spruce

Why it is the best choice for you

Consistently high quality

Osmo Thermo Spruce is the perfect basis for long-lasting enjoyment of your terrace. Because the wood planks combine the very important properties for this:

  • Long-lasting dimensional stability
  • Resistant to the influences of weather
  • Little resin leakage
  • Resistant to mould and fungal attack
Osmo Thermo Spruce for long-lasting garden decks - A natural grey patina after one year of weathering.

How is Thermowood produced?

The Finnish wood is treated in a special process with heat and steam, so in a purely natural way. No chemicals are used. After treatment, the wood is as durable as hardwoods, extremely dimensionally stable and completely harmless to health. The positive properties of natural wood, such as its pleasant feel and attractive appearance, are retained and preserved over the long term.


What makes Spruce wood so special?

Spruce is robust, yet light and elastic. It is easy to work with and looks good. Since it is a native tree species in Europe, the use of Spruce for garden deck construction has clear advantages in terms of sustainability and ecological balance compared to tropical wood. In addition, Spruce wood has the best energy balance among the timber species.

Osmo Thermo Spruce for long-lasting garden decks - resistant to moisture - mould and fungi do not stand a chance.

How do I maintain Thermowood?

You can enjoy Thermowood for a very long time and without any time-consuming maintenance. The thermal modification makes the surface of the deck boards especially resistant. Mould and fungi do not stand a chance, light dirt can simply be wiped away. Optionally, the surface can also be stained with Osmo Thermoholz-Öl or a slip-resistant surface can be created with Osmo Anti-Rutsch Terrassen-Öl.

Osmo Thermally treated timber is an excellent basis for long-lasting, beautiful garden decks.

Attractive exterior appearance

A long-lasting beautiful sight

All-round easy-care protection for your home

Osmo Thermo Spruce is not only available as decking. Due to its high weather resistance and durability, it is also excellently suited for house cladding. The cladding profile is pre-greyed at the factory and is particularly resistant to rot and various weather conditions.

Osmo Thermo Spruce is not only suitable for decking; it can also be used to create a home facade.

Osmo Thermo Spruce  - Natural wood surfaces create a cosy atmosphere.