Douglas Fir Decking

Douglas Fir is one of the most popular softwoods. These elegant wooden giants originating from the Rocky Mountains have been cultivated in parts of Europe for more than 100 years now. In comparison to other softwoods, Douglas Fir is very firm but also elastic. Its bright apperance and contrasting colour interplay, ranging from rose to golden brown, turns your decking into a real eye-catcher.


  • Durability class 3-4 (moderately durable)
  • High resin content acts as a natural impregnation.
  • Varied wood grain and knots
  • Differences in colour emphasize the natural character.
  • Douglas fir pressure impregnated grey: grey pigment are only on the surface.

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For our Douglas Fir timber decking, you can choose from various surfaces.


The lifetime of a deck depends significantly on the correct installation and whether it is suitable for wood. With accessories from Osmo, you are always on the safe side. All accessories are perfectly geared to each other so that your new decking seems to install itself.

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