Holiday in a tiny house

Small, cosy and healthy – relaxation in a small space

Tiny houses have long become more than cost-saving “mini accommodations” for university students or globetrotters. The travel industry has also discovered the miniature houses for their own purposes. In the Dutch town of Wijk aan Zee, a particularly stylish variation was built directly on the beach. Wood enthusiasts will find just what they have always been looking for: pure harmony consisting of natural materials in a heathy environment.

The miniature houses make a big hit in terms of environmental friendliness: With a living space of 15 to 45 square metres, they require few resources. Besides that, tiny houses mainly consist of wood, a recyclable and renewable raw material.  With certified timber and breathable wood stains, Osmo are competent partners for tiny house projects – such as the one in Wijk aan Zee.

Located directly on the beach in the middle of nature – wide open views, crying seagulls and rushing waves – is the little wood house.  Wind and weather as well as the salty air create real challenges for the construction material. This is why Larch cladding from Osmo was used for the cladding and roof. Thanks to Osmo Holzschutz Öl-Lasur, its beautiful appearance is retained and optimally protected against wind and rain. The Thermoash decking can forego additional treatments: Through thermal treatment, it is resistant to mould and fungal attack and absorbs hardly any water.

Also inside, soothing natural colours and elements dominate the interior. With such limited space, only what is truly necessary can be included: a bed, a table, chair, built-in cabinets and a small kitchenette. To protect against mould and moisture, the solid wood Larch flooring as well as kitchen worktops and tabletops were treated with one coat each of white and a transparent Osmo Hartwachs-Öl. A soft grey from the Osmo Landhausfarbe range is used on all other surfaces – this not only relaxes the eyes, but also the mind

Why less is often more

Invented in the US at the end of the 1990s, tiny house are experiencing a boom in – as alternative to luxury homes and decadence. Also the travel industry has discovered the “escapism for the time being” movement for its own means and rents out these small but excellent accommodations to holidaymakers.

Tiny house dwellers appreciate the freedom of owning less. After all, the less you own, the less there is to worry about – and that can be liberating. Want to give it a go? Next time you are on holiday, you can try out for yourself. And wood enthusiasts who want to try their hand at a tiny house project of their very own can find the most important project materials at Osmo: certified quality timber as well as finishes and stains, which not only protect the construction material, but also allow it to breathe.

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