Wood finishes for the exterior

Advantages for the exterior

Protected with high-quality coatings, timber decking and wooden fencing from Osmo can face wind and weather for many years. Care products and decking oils were developed specifically for wood to minimize the time and effort spent on maintenance.

Osmo not only produces timber cladding and suitable wood coatings. They also facilitate an effortless collaboration between dealers, contractors and end consumers from selecting the right profile, through assembly and finishing, and onto renovation works. All this can be tailored to your needs. Some consumers want to do everything themselves. We offer you profiles and easy-to-apply wood coatings or factory-finished wood products in the colour of your choice.

Most end consumers choose the middle path. Osmo leave them all options open. For example, they could have factory-finished cladding refinished by a professional craftsman in a HOLZWERKER top coat, and years later renovate it with their own two hands.

Others rely entirely on professional craftsmen. Our HOLZWERKER range was especially developed for the needs of our professional customers and takes the preparation of profiles in the workshop into account.

All Osmo wood finishes can be combined with each other. This also applies for factory-finished profiles and for HOLZWERKER coatings. When it comes time to renovate, your customers will save a lot of time and money: after all, all Osmo coatings can be recoated easily – and without any sanding.