Osmo promotes sustainable forestry and becomes PEFC certified

Wood and wood products which are PEFC certified originate verifiably from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry. In the handling of the renewable raw and working material wood, Osmo has already shown commitment and responsibility for the environment for many years. Since January 2012 the PEFC seal on selected cladding and interior wood from Osmo now also visibly represents for the end-consumer sustainability and fair trade.

Visible promise: the seal to protect forests

The experience of Osmo in the handling and processing of the valuable raw material wood is established on over 100 years. So that it also stays verifiable for consumers that the company supports a responsible treatment of the environment, it has become certified according to PEFC guidelines (“Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes”). The independent certifying system determines which wood products are allowed to carry the PEFC seal. Cladding and interior wood from Osmo which feature the seal for the protection of forests show the end-consumer that the wood originates from sustainable and socially compatibly managed forests and checked sources. Gerd Stadtmann, Product Manager Planed Goods at Osmo, emphasises, “We have already pursued sustainable production for many years, which is increasingly required due to the rise in environmental awareness of the population. Our products in the product ranges “timber cladding” and “interior wood” that carry the PEFC seal make our responsible handling of resources now also visible for consumers and customers.”


Selected cladding and interior wood from Osmo carry the PEFC seal since the beginning of the year. For consumers and customers, it is already visible during the purchase that the company has dedicated itself to a sustainable production.

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