“On the right path into the future” – Osmo invests in new planing unit

While elsewhere plants are being shut and companies are downsizing, Osmo invested around 1.5 million euros in a new planing unit this year. It will be installed in the week numbers 10 to 12 in the planing mill Warendorf and will be commissioned as of the 19 March 2013. The Powermat 2500 B from the company WEINIG will not only replace one of the presently existing units, but will also unify several advantages of the other existing planing units. The resulting universal planing unit sets completely new benchmarks in terms of performance and flexibility.

The Powermat 2500 B is presently the largest planing unit available from WEINIG with a maximum feed rate of 120 metres per minute. The machine was constructed according the requirements from Osmo so that a highly flexible and efficient planing unit developed. It can for example be used for the production of custom-made cladding profiles and also to manufacture narrower mass-made products. Processing triple lengths and shorter lengths also succeed without any problems: In front of the band saws, an integrated compound mitre saw is located which automatically shortens the wood down to the desired format. Band saws themselves are equipped a mechanical system from the Danish supplier System TM. High, flat and slanted cuts are mastered by the new unit in the automation modus because a vacuum lifting device automatically feed it. Along with technical details and functions, also the fast equipment of the unit was a decisive factor for investing in the Powermat 2500 B: WEINIG’s PowerCom mechanical device facilities fully automatic feeding by a push of a button for profiles stored in the IT system. Individual customer’s desires can now be fulfilled even faster and more precise since they are no longer carried out manually, instead automatically.

A large-scale employee training seminar at the end of February will familiarise the colleagues from the planing mill, grinding shop and tool calibration, and plant management with the functions and operations of the new machine. “With the procurement of the new planing unit, the course for the future has been set,” according to Managing Director Christian Cordes. “Precisely at the times which are characterised by instability, change and transition it is important to invest in the company as well as in the production site.”

Powermat2500 500x250

Performance, flexibility and quality of the end product are combined by WEINIG’s latest development. The Powermat 2500 is a pioneering solution for the versatile processing of solid wood.

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