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Eleven boards, nine blocks and thousands of possibilities: the classic Euro pallet is a real all-rounder. Since its introduction in the 1960s, this simple yet effective design for the transport of goods has become an all-round talent. In the form of seating, table or shelves, it has long since found its place in private homes. Especially, building your own furniture out of pallets is experiencing a big boom.

After all, they are the ideal building material do-it-yourselfers: pallets are inexpensive, simple to use and do not set any boundaries on the creativity in furniture design. In a flash, they can be used to create casual outdoor seating that is quite comfortable when upholstered with a couple colourful cushions. For the final splinter-free touch, the pallets need sanding and coating – and that’s exactly where the problems begin.

Since Euro pallets are actually intended for industrial use, they are made from raw wood that cannot always be finished without a great deal of effort. For those who still want that cool industrial charm at home, Furniture Pallets from Osmo is the best choice. They are made from dried softwood and are cleanly planed. Splinters in skin or tears in the summer dress are a thing of the past! Plus they have already been colour treated – in white or trendy grey.

Furniture Pallets are ready for use since there is no annoying sanding work and coating needed. What should be built is the only decision that you have to make on your own. Ideas and instructions can be found on the internet – stretching from very simple seats to incredibly stylish lounges. Through the combination of pallets with glass panels as tables or with colourful drawers, lounges turn into a real eye-catcher. Integrating drawers into the design is very practical for storing candles or napkins.

Regardless whether you are planning a stylish garden party or rustic grill evening with the boys – with Furniture Pallets, you will create the right atmosphere. So why wait? Order, unpack, set up and with a flick of the wrist, be ready to enjoy the garden season.

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