Osmo: tradition and growth “Made in Germany”

The seal of quality “Made in Germany” celebrates its 125th birthday this year. And its expressiveness is as important and strong as never before: it stands worldwide for quality, reliability, precision, beauty in craftsmanship and innovation from Germany. When it was developed in Great Britain in 1887, this happened for completely different reasons: due to the fear of cheaply produced counterfeit products from abroad – particularly in the production of steel goods – the British government demanded an immediate marking on all foreign products. For German items, this meant “Made in Germany”.  But what was planned as a stigmatisation developed through the course of time into a quality seal.

Osmo can look back to a history of more than 100 years at its production sites. When the wood specialist moved to Münster in the year 1900, the foundation stone was laid for today’s company, so to speak. With the construction of an own planing mill in the year 1923 and with the founding of the wood finish production in 1964, the company strategy was clearly defined. Münster and Warendorf are still today the sole production sites where the complete assortment is produced with the help of 250 employees. “Made in Germany” has always been an important reason to choose Osmo. Thorsten Mehlin, Managing Director Sales, explains why, “In both export and domestic markets, one relies on quality. This label is a very important component in the communication with customers and end-consumers. We focus consistently on tradition, experience and quality.” Currently 70 per cent of products are marked “Made in Germany” on the labels. Along with the emphasis on the product, notices can be found in catalogues, advertisements and on the Internet. The strategy to open up to customers through multiple channels suits the demands of today’s consumers. Multichannel is a sign of flexibility of a company which faces the various needs of the consumer. Also here Osmo uses the chance to point out “Made in Germany”.

Osmo Luftbild-Made in Germany

For 125 years the marking “Made in Germany” stands for quality in Germany. Around 70 per cent of products from Osmo are marked with this label.

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