Osmo Consumption Calculator figures out requirements in five steps

The plan has been conceived: finally the wooden floor gets a new coat. But how much wood finish is needed and how many cans is that? How should I know whether one coat is enough or would two be better? The labels of individual wood finishes from Osmo disclose numerous details about use and coverage.  On the other hand, the new Consumption Calculator on the website of Osmo calculates the product requirements. A few details about the planned Intention like surface properties of the wood and the size of the treated area are enough in order to receive an overview of the material needs and how many coats are to be expected.

Calculate the required amount of wood finish quickly and easily

The link to the new Osmo Consumption Calculator was placed directly on the homepage of the company. In the first step, choose whether the planned application concerns the interior or the exterior. Afterwards the possible Osmo wood finishes are shown, which are available for the respective area. Next, the wood surface should be described more exactly. Then whether “smooth”, “brushed” or “structured” – the surface properties affect the amount of material needed. In the next point, the current condition of surface is asked. Hereby it is distinguished between “new/untreated”, “greyed”, “old Osmo wood finish” and “unknown”. Background: depending on the properties, various surface preparations are needed, which in turn can have an effect on the required amount. Subsequently only the size of area to be treated still has to be given – and then calculation is finish. The results give advice about how much wood finish is required and how many coats are recommended.


In five steps to the required amount of wood finish: who knows how much material they need can not only calculate the purchase but also the costs adequately. (Photo: Osmo)
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