Osmo says goodbye to four employees as they go into their well-deserved retirement

In the last weeks, the company Osmo had to say farewell several times. Not only Jose-F. Gonzales, Manfred Reimer, Bernhard Bruning and Johannes Kuschel leave the wood specialist to enter the well-deserved retirement, but also 123.5 years of competence. During their many years’ of employment, each one of them left numerous marks from which following generations will benefit. However along with this knowledge, experience and competence, also four beloved colleagues will leave us, whom we would like to wish all the best for their next chapter in life and thank for the time together!

What happened beforehand…

Jose-F. Gonzales came at one time as a young migrant worker from Spain to Germany. Already in 1972, he joined Osmo and went into internal works transport for two years. Afterwards, he worked as a loading agent and little later as responsible loading foreman until the end of August 2014.

Manfred Reimer was employed at Osmo as foreman in the planing mill from 1991 after completing his vocational training as joiner, wood technician and REFA expert, and he specialised in the area of solid wood floorboards, planing and surface coating. Creating all planed profile drawings as well as stencils for the planing tools count among his tasks and will continue to be a part of his duties until October of this year.
Berhard Bruning was already trainee turner and mechanical technical at Osmo from 1975 to 1991. He helped the garden wood production to expand and later led the production controls. After that he collected experience in other companies and returned in 2007 in order to perform valuable work in product management until June 2014.

Johannes Kuschel looks back at a total of 40 years of employment at Osmo. After be qualified as joiner, wood technician and REFA expert, he advanced from the head of production controls to production management and subsequently to works management. In his position, he was always a supervisor, who had to have and also had a sympathetic ear for work-related issues but for a multitude of employees. He significantly influenced various technical and organisational challenges in the company. After the takeover by Cordes Holding, the reorganisation of the company was successfully carried out through his special commitment.

After all these years of cooperation, the departure of the four long-standing employees came namely with a heavy heart, but not unexpectedly. New employees were already inducted long beforehand so that operations could run further without any complications. As a committed apprenticing company, Osmo is happy that a large share of its vacancies can always be filled by its own apprentices.

In den letzten Wochen hieß es mehrfach Abschied nehmen im Hause Osmo. Mit Jose-F. Gonzales, Manfred Reimer, Bernhard Bruning und Johannes Kuschel verließen insgesamt 123,5 Jahre Kompetenz den Holzspezialisten, um in den wohlverdienten Ruhestand zu treten. Ein jeder von ihnen hinterließ während seiner jahrelangen Unternehmenszugehörigkeit zahlreiche Spuren, von denen die nachfolgenden Generationen profitieren werden. Doch mit dem Wissen, der Erfahrung und der Kompetenz gehen gleichzeitig auch vier liebgewonnene Kollegen, denen wir für den neuen Lebensabschnitt alles Gute wünschen und bei denen wir uns für die gemeinsame Zeit, die hinter uns liegt, herzlich bedanken möchten!


From left to right: Manfred Reimer, Christian Cordes, Johannes Kuschel, Bernhard Bruning, Jose-F. Gonzales, Friedrich von Schroetter und Markus Kunstleben at the farewell celebration. (photo: Osmo)
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