Remove patina and green growth from wooden decking quickly and easily

Walk outside, enjoy the fresh air and the view into the great outdors. With one step out onto to the deck, you enter a whole new world and leave all worries and stress of everyday life behind – if it were not for the other worries and stress with untidy or dirty deck boards. Since wood is a living construction material, it reacts to rain and UV rays. The result is a grey patina which forms on the surface of decking over the course of time. With Wood Reviver Power Gel from Osmo, this process can be easily stopped and the natural look of wood is restored. To achieve this, dampen the whole deck with clear water and apply Wood Reviver Power Gel generously along the wood grain. After only 20 minutes, cleaning can begin through the help of a hard brush. Leftover dirt can be rinsed away with a lot of water. Afterwards a protective coating can be carried out with Decking-Oil from Osmo. Not only greying caused by weather also green growth often presents problems. Relief can be found with Osmo Gard Clean. A highly effective concentrate that makes green growth disappear almost all by itself. More details about cleaning and care for decking can be found on our website.

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Grey patina or unsightly green growth  are inevitable on decking which faces strong UV rays and wet and cold weather. But relief can be found quickly with the right products! (photo: Osmo)
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