In only three steps the wooden floor is clean again

In a household it can often get quite turbulent: kids running in and out the front door, dogs and cats fleeing from the rain into cosy, warm rooms and the parents trying to find a few minutes of peace among all this commotion by relaxing with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. However one moment of carelessness is enough and then it happens really quickly: paw prints and rubber boot footprints or coffee and red wine stains adorn the beautiful wooden floor and leave ugly marks! Now a quick solution is needed.

Cleaning wooden flooring made easy

For situations like these, Osmo introduced the Spray-Mop. Instead of having to tediously fill a bucket with mop water, a touch to the mop is enough. Even before the stains can dry out or spread out even further, they are removed within a few minutes. The easy to operate device can be stored in a corner thereby saving space and is ready to be used when dirt and stains on the oil-wax treated wooden floor must be removed quickly. A press of a lever is enough and the integrated spray system dampens the floor with the effective cleanser Spray-Fix. It is located in a cartridge, which is easy to attach to the Spray-Mop, and when necessary it can be effortlessly replaced and refilled. Now it is time to mop over the dirty area; the Active Fibre Cloth absorbs dirt and stains reliably. The result is a clean and maintained floor. After completing its job, the everyday helper is put back into its place, where it can wait until it is needed again. The new Spray-Mop is the optimal addition to the trusted Osmo care range: while the Opti-Set, consisting of mop with telescopic handle, Dust Mop and Micro-Mop Plush as well as Active Fibre Cloth, takes everything consideration for an effortless and holistic clean – from removing dust to mopping, the Spray-Mop takes over for easy and quick cleaning jobs for oiled wooden floors.

Product details: Spray-Mop


With the ergonomically formed Spray-Mop, dirt and stains on oil-wax treated wooden floor can be removed in the blink of an eye. (photo: Osmo)
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