Invisible mounting of Rhombus boards with the new PURE fixation system

The wide range of cladding of Osmo Holz und Color GmbH & Co. KG encompassed not only a multitude of cladding timber, but also the suitable fixation system. For the mounting of Rhombus boards, until now visible screw heads have dominated. However the new PURE cladding system from the wood specialists in Warendorf enables the invisible fixation.

Trusted stability and a beautiful appearance thanks to invisible fixation
Rhombus boards give house fronts a particularly clean and modern look. In the future this will be strengthened by the new PURE cladding system from Osmo. This system incorporates a stable metal cladding bracket that is screwed onto the back of the wood profile and thus it is not visible from outside. The bracket is rust-free and coated in black. Since the sub-construction for the Rhombus is also coloured black, the metal brackets blend into the background. The Rhombus boards possess pre-milled spacing profiles for either eight or 15 millimetres gaps. These profiles enable a simple and uncomplicated assembly. In the accessory pack in the PURE cladding system are all screws as well as the appropriate bit.

Individualize Rhombus boards in several colours
Enthusiasts for modern and linear architecture will appreciated the invisible PURE cladding system from Osmo since the original character of the Rhombus is preserved. Neither visible screw heads nor fixing points disrupt the clear, uniform look of the wood surface, which upon request can be colour treated. For an individual design, among four different wood species also numerous standard colour tones as well as 186 RAL and approximately 2000 NCS colours can be chosen. If requested, Osmo supplies Rhombus boards factory finished and ready for installation from order amount of one square metre.

Product details: PURE Cladding System


Absolutely invisible – the black coated metal brackets in the PURE cladding systems from Osmo blend into the background and guarantee an undisrupted view of Rhombus boards. (Photo: Osmo)
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