Five countries, around 170 participants, 1000 possibilities

Quality and knowledge are two key factors in positioning yourself successfully on international markets. Routine training programmes and workshops are, therefore, the lifeblood in guaranteeing a high level of competence worldwide. Not an easy task, but with their own training team, Osmo sets benchmarks in terms of expert knowledge.

The most recent example of this is the South America Tour. In two weeks’ time, Nadine Fortriede, Area Sales Manager South America, and Dirk Horstmann, International Advisor for Wood Finishes, travelled through five countries, and together with sales partners, they trained around 170 participants. The universal theme throughout the tour was the treatment of furniture and flooring. As part of training, coloured effects should be achieved, and also the possibility to retain the natural colour of wood should be demonstrated. In outdoor areas, the focus was placed on the application of Osmo wood finishes on wood species typical for the region. Woodworkers, craftsmen and architects largely made up the target group.

The starting point was in Ecuador. Here, 60 enthusiastic participants tested various Osmo products in workshops. For the head instructors, it was important that the event was not a theoretical overview, instead practice-oriented training. “Put your own hands into action and feel what it’s like to work with the finishes – these are important experiences with which, later on, you can optimally advise customers,” says Dirk Horstmann. Afterwards, the furniture treated in the workshop could be won by the participants in a raffle – a little expression of thanks for the good cooperation and for the effort that some had made just to take part. For some, the bus trip to the event took about 15 hours!

In Peru, the focus was placed on the treatment of local hardwoods, such as Cumaru, Carirona or Cachimbo. For the 40 inquisitive attendees, UV-Protection-Oil Extra from Osmo was of particular interest as it protects wood surfaces even under the special climatic conditions in Peru optimally. In Uruguay and Argentina, the treatment of native hardwoods stood at the top of the agenda; in Montevideo, the advantages of the natural and microporous Osmo products over lacquer and oil-based variants were discussed.

At the end of the trip, in Chile the fundamentals of the optimal handling of Osmo Wood Wax Finish were on the programme. The participants mainly came from the interiors industry and redesigned furniture pieces with Wood Wax Finish as well as treated wooden boards and fruit bowls with TopOil. “For Osmo, it is important that the partners worldwide have the same level of knowledge as in Germany. The quality of our products and the correct application is, after all, the core of our success,” sums up Nadine Fortriede the intentions behind the seminars. “On our South America Tour, we noticed once again just how high the interest is. In our practice-oriented workshops geared towards the individual needs of the attendees, we transmitted a lot of know-how and are sure that we have prepared all participants well for the challenges of product sales. A big thank you goes out to our local sales partners, who with their commitment shown both in the preparation as well as the execution have made this trip a success.”


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