Unique combination of wood species, surface properties and colour

Building contractors desire uniqueness as well as individuality in their own four walls and want to actively design these.  As the only supplier of wood and wood finishes in all of Germany, for Osmo Holz und Color GmbH & Co. KG there are countless possibilities available to combine different wood species with coloured and modified surfaces. With the expansion of the product range “Creativ-Flooring”, individual design of flooring reaches once again new heights.

For every furnishing style the right wood

Along with the present standard wood species, classic Oak, as of now Osmo also offers “ Creativ-Flooring” in Ash, Spruce, Pine and Larch. Each one of the available wood species convince through their own appearance. Whereas Ash appears clear and unobtrusive, Larch provides a lively feeling in rooms through its expressive knots. Spruce scores through the warm colour tones; the light-coloured, knotty wood of pine has been considered the most important European wood species for interior construction for a long time. Different surface and colour variations open up more freedom to emphasise the wood’s own characteristics and set further individual accents.

Multitude of designs that one sees and feels

Osmo has the technical possibilities to manufacture each “Creativ-Flooring” with the surfaces: smooth, brushed, aged, rough sawn or scraped – similar to planed. Also a combination of single surface treatments is possible. Moreover numerous attractive colour tones from the world of Osmo Wood Wax Finishes prefect the individualisation of one’s own flooring. Skirting boards in the same colour are included in the delivery when needed. “Creativ-Flooring” comes pre-treated with the tried and trusted Polyx ®-Oil from Osmo, which provides a non-slip, extremely hard-wearing, water and dirt-repellent wood surface.

Product details: Creativ-Flooring

1 PM Osmo Creativ-Dielen 500x250

Unique wooden flooring: “Creativ-Flooring” from Osmo can be freely designed by customers with regard to wood species, surface properties and colour tone. (Photo: Osmo)
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