New sanding and carving machine expands production site in Warendorf

With the investment in a new wide belt sanding machine from the company Costa Levigatrici, Osmo expands the production site in Warendorf and strengthens its leading competence in the field of surface modification of wood and wood materials. The high-performance machine enlarges the already existing product range because it joins two functions in one: with a feed rate of up to 20 metres per minute and a processing width of 1,350 millimetres, the sanding and carving machine not only sculpts, but also creates a specially craved surface that resembles a scraped surface.

Characteristic surface structures from the belt

The new structure and sanding machine introduces an immeasurably large variety of wood surfaces and finds its use at Osmo in the area of flooring as well as in profile wood, edge-glued panels and wooden garden elements. It includes a sanding machine with three sanding units – one calibration unit and two carving units – as well as a brushing machine with two steel and three Tynex brushes. The brushes remove soft early wood components and leads to an unmistakable optic in hardwoods. More importantly, the quality of softwoods is improved due to the fact that the surface is less susceptible to optical defects. With the new sanding technique “Carving”, the possibility arises as well to manufacture countless surface designs from scraped to “hand planed” to linear waves and almost square patterns mechanically. The structure and sanding machine handles a maximal processing width of 1,350 millimetres as well as a thickness from about 3 to 160 millimetres and lengths from approximately 1,500 to 6,000 millimetres. The machine not only works efficiently, but also economically since its controlled pneumatic valves only activate dust removal on the spots on which the units are also in operation.

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Through the sanding technique “Carving”, scraped or “hand planed” wood surfaces as well as linear waves or almost square patterns are created. (Photo: Osmo)
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