Manfred Feldhammer goes into retirement

For 37 years, Manfred Feldhammer worked for the brand Osmo – now at the end of 2013, he goes into the well-deserved retirement. After he completed his apprenticeship as laboratory technician in Oberhausen, he was hired to establish the segment wood finishes on 1 January 1977. As his first official act, he sealed the floor on the production hall. Today Osmo looks back onto numerous developments for which Manfred Feldhammer was responsible: beginning with Natural Oil Woodstain 712 Ebony, which was the first product in the segment wood finishes.

The idea, which was to no longer import wood finishes from America, instead to produce independently in an own wood finish production, was caused by fluctuations in the exchange for the dollar, long transport paths and the oil crisis in the 1970’s. Consequently, the developments of Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin, Wood Wax Finish, Country Colour and Polyx®-Oil followed – the strongest products of the company up to today.

Manfred Feldhammer, the man of the first hour at the wood finish production in Münster, accompanied Osmo on the way to become the only wood supplier in Germany who completes its product range with wood finishes and surfaces from its own product development and own production. Now after 37 years of employment, he enters his well-deserved retirement.


With the knowledge that Manfred Feldmann will support the company on further in his role as a consultant, it is a little easier for Managing Director Christian Cordes to say farewell. (Photo: Osmo)
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