Wooden sunglasses with Polyx ®-Oil care out of the bag

What does Osmo Polyx®-Oil have to do with the latest fashion trends? Up to now one connected the protective wood coating with light-coloured, dark or coloured wooden flooring. But, what is good for floorboards can also not harm wood in areas of use. We are not talking about furniture, stairs or other home furnishing made of wood here – instead sunglasses! With trendy wooden sunglasses from the company Stadtholz, everyone who is looking for something special in life and still wants to live in harmony with nature is walking on the sunny side of life. Then their frames consist of 100 per cent solid wood, for example made of maple, zebrano, beech, oak or rosewood, which is not glued. High-quality polarised glasses offer full UV protection and provide the best view. Since wood is natural product, it reacts to weather conditions like humidity or sun rays. This is where Osmo comes into the game because the wooden sunglasses are treated with Polyx®-Oil Original so that they come onto the market already optimally protected and wear-resistant. Whether moisture or sweat – the frames have proven themselves to be hard-wearing and keep their shape as well as their beautiful, natural look, even when the glasses happen to fall into water. So this stays this way, a small sachet of Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original is included with the purchase of this accessory. About every three months, proud wearers can do something good for their sunglasses by retreating them with Polyx®-Oil, which is food-safe, saliva-resistant and sweatproof when dry, in order to extend the protection. Then the next summer is certain to come! These wooden sunglasses are available under www.stadtholz.com.

Stadtholz Brille_groß

Trendy, unique and natural: wooden sunglasses are the latest must-have! Pre-treating and retreating every three months with Osmo Polyx®-Oil provides this stylish accessory with the right protection for many years – not only on sunny days. (Photo: Osmo)

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