Osmo uses exclusively wood from legal origins

Since coming into effect on 3 March 2013, the European Timber Regulation (EUTR) obliges wood importers in the entire EU to prove that the wood they import has been harvested legally. Illegally cleared topical wood and products manufactured from this wood should be banned from the domestic market so that the environment is no longer damaged, and so that people and animals do not continue to permanently lose their living space.

Osmo complies with due diligence

Article 4 of the EUTR obliges importers and other market participants to undergo a special due diligence process. To comply with this for all wood species which have been sourced from outside of the EU, Osmo uses the due diligence system from GD Holz Service GmbH. This is subject to both specialised surveillance and permanent external surveillance by the German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) as public service authority. It is based on the minimal requirements of the European Timber Federation (ETTF) which stipulates a harmonising due diligence for European timber associations.

Wood from absolutely certain sources
What has now been established by the monitoring system from GD-Holz has already been carried out in practice by Osmo for many years. The traditional company from Warendorf trades solely with legally and if possible sustainably produced wood products. “We welcome the EU-wide timber regulating law,” says Osmo Managing Director Christian Cordes. “A conscious and responsible treatment of forests as a resource and wood as a raw material is for us a must.”

Supporting forestry
Besides, according to Cordes, the company has always had a great interest in an objective proof of origin for wood that is used. To promote these efforts even further, Osmo has implemented the high standards of the FSC system for the company and for certain products. Since January 2005, Osmo is FSC certified for production and trade by an independent institute. Suitable products are marked in the catalogues with the FSC logo.

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