Protective coating from Osmo for luxurious lodge in national park in Patagonia

“Torres del Paine” is one of the best known national parks in Chile and a part of Patagonia. Since as early as 1978, the national park is UNESCO biosphere reserve, in other words a model region, in which sustainable development should be realized with reference to ecological, economic and social issues. The landscape is characterised by impressive mountains, glaciers, fjords and large lakes. On the river banks of the Salto Chico waterfalls, the hotel “Salto Chico” opened its doors in 1993. From the hotel, one has a unique view on the “Torres del Paine” (needle-like granite mountains) – the landmark of the national park.

Masterful architecture in co-ordination with nature

The hotel was designed by the Chilean star architect José Cruz and has over 49 rooms. José Cruz won the “Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award” in 2008. In his speech at the prize awarding, the Jury President, Professor Matti Rautiola, called José Cruz a master in the application of wood. 1 This is reflected in the hotel “Salto Chico”: it has a simple elegance. The dominating materials are wood and cement both inside as well as outside. This is a perfect combination in order to withstand the extreme weather conditions, strong wind and changes in temperature in Patagonia. Outside, the hotel was painted white – so it harmonises perfectly with the snow and ice of the mountain glaciers. Inside, great value was place on warmth and light. Care and protection from Osmo

Chilean Lenga, which was used in the interior construction, sets a warm contrast to the white walls. To protect the wood optimally, during the renovation works in 2012 interior wood was treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original (3032 satin). The aim was to retain the natural tone of the wood and at the same time protect it optimally. Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original is especially suitable for these renovation works because it keeps the natural characteristics of the wood and it is low-maintenance, water and dirt-repellent as well as hard-wearing. Thus, the interior wood is optimally protected, but simultaneously is radiates out warmth and cosiness through its natural colour.

Product details: Polyx®-Oil Original

IMG_1955 500x250

Warmth and natural charisma: wood is the dominating material in the interior. (Photo: Osmo)


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