German Centre of Competence for Construction (DIBt) confirms safety of wood finish

German Centre of Competence for Construction (DIBt) confirms safety of wood finish

Glossy surfaces are back in fashion. This prompted Osmo to offer the tried and trusted Polyx®-Oil Original as of now in a glossy variation. Whether as an all-in-one finish for wooden flooring or as a surface treatment for boards – the wood finish retains the natural characteristics of the wood surface and makes it very durable and extremely hard-wearing.

Gloss level as requested with the same protection

With Polyx®-Oil, Osmo brought a product onto the market many years ago which is based on natural oils and waxes and creates a low-maintenance surface that encourages healthy living and can also withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Up to now, this clear wood finish was only available in the varieties: satin, matt and semi-matt. Now, the specialist in wood and colour also offers this classic finish in a glossy variation. Increasing the gloss level creates wooden flooring with an especially fresh and noble look. Regardless of the gloss level, a wooden floor treated with Polyx®-Oil is wear-resistant, water and dirt-repellent as well as resistant to wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk and water (acc. DIN 68861-1A).

Compliance mark (Ü-Zeichen) for Polyx®-Oil glossy

The compliance mark, in German Ü-Zeichen, is awarded by the German Centre of Competence for Construction (DIBt). After the Osmo Polyx®-Oils satin, matt and semi-matt were already bearers of the compliance mark, now the new Polyx®-Oil glossy has been added. The mark confirms that the surface coating fulfils the requirements of “the principles for the evaluation of construction materials in the interior based on their effects on health” and according to this, it can be used in habitable rooms. Along with Poly®-Oil Original in the four various gloss levels, also Polyx®-Oil Tints, Rapid and Anti-Slip have this approval from the DIBt.

Product details:  Polyx®-Oil OriginalPolyx®-Oil RapidPolyx®-Oil Tints

3 PM Osmo Hartwachs-O¦êl 250x250

As of now, the tried and trusted Polyx®-Oil Original is also available in a glossy variation. (Photo: Osmo)
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