Multi-Fence Struktur Privacy Screens

Multi-Fence Struktur is a winning mix of modern colours and materials. The composite material made of bamboo and high-tech polymers has proven in long-term tests to be extremely long-lasting, UV and weather-resistant as well as resistant to fungus, mould and insect attack. And all that without any wood finish. In combination with aluminium posts and cross bars, a straightforward and no-frill look is created. Pre-assembled elements can be vertically as well as horizontally installed. Additional design possibilities result from different line orientation on front and back.


  • Bamboo Polymer Composite (BPC)
  • 60% Bamboo content
  • Connecting pieces made of stainless steel
  • Front with wide and narrow profiles, back only with wide profiles
  • Profiles 12 x 120 mm, trimming 12 x 31 mm and aluminium cross bars 15 x 70 mm

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Bamboo is considered one of the most environmentally friendly and fastest renewing raw materials in the world. It is light and flexible, but extremely hard-wearing. In Asia bamboo has been valued for its excellent properties for centuries. In combination with high tech polymers and additives, bamboo becomes a modern and versatile work material. Multi-Deck and Multi-Fence consist of up to 60 % bamboo and are therefore weatherproof, resistant to mould, waterproof and easy-to-maintain.


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