Creating a future together

Osmo invests intensively in the specialists of tomorrow and welcomes nine new trainees on 1 August.

How important a view towards the future and investing in tomorrow is to Osmo Holz und Color GmbH & Co. KG as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of modern wood products and coating systems has not only been proved through a large R&D department. Also as a committed employer, Osmo places great importance in the training and further development of their employees, who as service providers and knowledge carriers form the base of the company.

About 350 workers in total are employed by Osmo at either of the two production locations in Warendorf and Münster. To keep well-trained staff as a permanent feature of the team, the long-established Warendorf-based company values the development of a new and promising workforce and offers various traineeships for jobs in production as well as office administration each year.

Traineeships 2020

On 1 August this year, nine trainees started their new careers at the locations in Warendorf and Münster. At Osmo, focus is placed on training and further development; the young people should learn early to take on responsibility and to carry out their own projects. To reach this aim, Osmo actively offers special trainee projects, which include, for example, preparing a trainee job fair or carrying out social projects. During the traineeship lasting a few years, trainees obtain impressions of all departments relevant to an industrial company so that they get a comprehensive overview of the entire enterprise. Besides the possibility of a permanent employment in one of the departments, trainees also have the opportunity, for example through participation at fairs, to look outside of the box, to come into direct contact with customers and to gain hands-on experience of the whole process. A comprehensive training concept throughout the traineeship complements the wide range of training measures, which Osmo offers their young promising workers – from telephone training to various product-training sessions taking place every two weeks.

All this makes Osmo an attractive employer, who is actively committed to creating for their budding “Osmonauts” the best conditions for an excellent start to a new career. Once trainees have successfully passed all final exams and have put their knowledge to the test, chances are good that they will be taken on as new staff members.

“We are pleased to welcome four office clerks and two wood machinists to the team in Warendorf as well as one warehouse clerk, one logistics clerk as well as a laboratory technician in Münster. We are looking forward to working with the new trainees and wish everyone all the best for a good start to their careers!”