Strong product consultants for a strong network

Osmo welcomes three new product consultants to the team.

As a part of the further expansion of the consultant team under the leadership of Horst Dieckhöner, Sales Director for Wood Coatings at Osmo Holz und Color Gmbh & Co KG, the Warendorf-based company is currently welcoming three new product consultants into their ranks. After an intensive induction into practice and theory, Thomas Zabel, Nicolai Lichomski and Lukas Schiller will provide backup for the 350 employees in Osmo team.

In light of the further expansion of the Osmo brand towards contractors and tradespeople, there are now 11 advisors in Germany and Austria offering project-oriented expert service, hands-on training and on-target product consultation. The product consultants will support more than 2,500 dealers with their professional know-how and sound expertise. Their tasks in collaboration with local dealers will mainly consist of the active acquisition of wood-processing contractors and tradespeople as new customers.

Osmo is happy to welcome and looks forward to the support from:

  • Nicolai Lichomski, 

Qualified carpenter and salesperson with experience in trade contractors, timber sales, construction material industry and in the service sector (responsible for the Hanover region, Göttingen, Fulda)

  • Lukas Schiller,

Qualified joiner with experience in the timber industry, trade contractors and the sale of contractor supplies (responsible for the East Austria region, Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg)

  • Thomas Zabel, 

Qualified salesperson with experience in the coating and paint industry, timber industry and the sale of ironmongery (responsible for the Cologne region, Aachen and Siegen)