Osmo Garden Innovations 2019: Spring fresh

Osmo has expanded its comprehensive range of garden products to offer innovations in aluminium privacy screens, bamboo polymer composite as well as decking with a vintage look.

The garden – the private oasis

Privacy fencing not only protects against the views from street traffic but it also sets boundaries between private property and public areas. With the launch of the privacy screen Alu-Fence RHOMBUS, Osmo introduce a plain straight -lined privacy screen. Thanks to its horizontally aligned rhombus profiles, it brings structure into any garden. The aluminium profiles coated in white or anthracite-grey are ideally suited for exterior use due to countless advantages: high durability and dimensional stability as well as extremely low maintenance requirements. Moreover they can be shortened as needed effortlessly. Depending on the amount of privacy needed, the spacers in the assembly kit allow for 24, 27 or 30 profiles per screen.

Osmo Holz und Color - Sichtblenden - Alu-Fence - Rhombus

In the Multi-Fence range, developments have also been made. For the ELEGANCE B privacy screens, Osmo took inspiration from the current minimalistic trends in construction and home furnishings. Large surfaces, clear lines and a cool lighter grey tone help create an elegant look. The subtle aluminium profiles not only add an optical accent, they also simplify assembly – just fix the start and end profiles made of aluminium to the posts with screws. The heights and widths of ELEGANCE B screens can be adjusted individually. Thanks to the use of bamboo polymer composite, these privacy screens are colourfast as well as long-lasting and offer great value in terms of looks.

Osmo Holz und Color - Sichtblenden - BPC - Multi-Fence Elegance B

The third innovation in the privacy screen segment is characterized by a unique look. Multi-Fence CO-EXTRUSION has been expanded to include the new colour tones Silvergrey and Lightbrown. Like their predecessor Greystone, they really stand out thanks to their lively striking grain. Multi-Fence CO-EXTRUSION brings modern design into the garden through clear lines and an interesting mix of colours and materials. The fine nuances in colour loosen up the total appearance, yet at the same time they add a subtle touch of class. Since these profiles are also made from BPC, they can be adjusted to fit needs. Both Multi-Fence variants offer complete privacy.

Osmo Holz und Color - Sichtblenden - BPC - Multi-Fence - Co-Extrusion

Decking makes a grand entrance

BPC is also a suitable covering for garden decks. Thanks to this especially easy-to-maintain, durable material, Osmo Multi-Deck has long established its place in the garden. In additional to already existing profiles, the company now offers a surface with a popular vintage look. These high-value solid profiles can adjusted easily in length and width without any cavities showing, and they bring the flair of days gone by into the garden.

Osmo Holz und Color - Terrassen - Multi-Deck - Vollprofile

In the area of timber decking, Osmo have expanded their portfolio to include products made of Siberian Larch. Due to its durability and attractive appearance, this wood species enjoys great popularity in outdoor areas. It grows more slowly than its European counterpart and is therefore harder. In terms of durability, which largely depends on wood extractives, both wood species are comparable. In addition to smooth, ribbed, grooved and brushed surface textures, a rough sawn variation is also available starting from 2019 – for a natural, characterful atmosphere.

Osmo Holz und Color - Holzterrassen - Sibirische Laerche