Blogger Frank reveals tricks of the trade

Vlog Frank’s Shed

Frank is something of an expert among hobby craftsmen. When he is standing at his workbench in his shed, thousands look over his shoulder. Frank –in real life teacher and father of two – runs in his spare time the popular vlog Frank’s Shed. We have asked Frank why he chooses Osmo products for his woodworking projects.

What do you appreciate about Osmo finishes? 

There are easy to apply and really effective. You only need very little to produce a sufficient coat. The quality of the finishes for the exterior is outstanding. I treated the treehouse I built for my children over a year ago with Osmo Einmal-Lasur HSPlus as well as Osmo Landhausfarbe, and it still looks almost the same as it did on the first day.  

Why did you choose TopOil for the mahogany lamp? 

Osmo TopOil tickles every aspect of a wood species out and gives the project that final touch. Along with high product coverage, I also appreciate that TopOil really brings out the wood grain. Especially when you’re using exotic wood species, it gives the piece an really elegant glow.

What experience have you made with regard to the application?

Osmo finishes are very easy-to-use and achieve an even surface with any tool – brush, cloth or roller. If you use the suitable Osmo accessories, it’s child’s play! Then even the last work steps are a lot of fun.

Why don’t you leave the wood raw

Through the surface treatment, the wood becomes not only more resistant, but it also retains a beautiful appearance. For this, Osmo offers a really wide spectrum of possibilities.

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