Anniversary celebrations at Osmo

Osmo honours 19 seasoned workers for their loyalty and commitment.

The balance between tradition and innovation, the optimal symbiosis of old and new – a concept that has been ingrained in Osmo Holz und Color GmbH & Co KG since the very beginning and is actively followed. As specialists for wood and coatings, the long-established company looks back on more than 140 years of company history and a large wealth of experience. Apart from an increasing improvement of quality requirements as well as the constant research and further development in their own laboratories, employees as service providers and knowledge carriers embody an essential pillar of success for the company.

This year, there are also good reasons to celebrate. In August, Osmo honoured in total 19 staff members for their 10, 25 and 40 as well as proud 45 years of tireless service and commitment! About 350 “Osmonauts” at the headquarters in Warendorf and the production sites in Warendorf and Münster form a strong team, who have dedicated themselves fully and completely to the valuable raw material wood. As a modern enterprise, Osmo places great value in a cunning combination of new and experienced workers, who can offer mutual support and learn from one another. This is where young fresh ideas meet years-long knowledge in routine perfection and generate a constructive and interactive exchange. This mix is what always brings Osmo as one of the leading suppliers of high quality wood products and coating systems forward and clears the path to a promising future created hand-in-hand by all “Osmonauts”.

“Without our seasoned workers, we would look like fools,” summed up Thorsten Mehlin, Commercial Director. “The wonderful response and years-long loyalty we have experienced from our staff prove that we as employers are focusing on the right things. We not only invest in the coming generation by welcoming new trainees to our team every year, but we have also created an attractive work environment for both young and old, which offers many perspectives and opens doors for a permanent, long-lasting employment at Osmo. Thanks to modern technology and our well-trained staff members, we have the optimal set-up for new developments on the market. We are grateful to all employees celebrating their anniversaries at Osmo for their loyalty and commitment, and we look forward to enjoying many more years together!”