Green growth removal

Because of its location in the garden, surrounding garden plants or just simply too much moisture, your decking has developed a green layer of algae. This green growth is not only unattractive, but also increases the risk of slips and falls; besides that, the algae will eventually destroy the wood.

For these reasons, we recommend removing green growth as soon as possible. This is very easily done with Osmo Gard Clean. Simply apply – depending on the amount of green growth – either undiluted or diluted with maximum 10 parts water evenly with a paint brush, scrub brush, watering can or pump sprayer onto the dry area. Do not rinse with water!

Green growth disappears normally within 24 hours. (In case some growth is still present, then repeat the process.)

It is only necessary to rinse with water directly before re-applying a wood coating, for example from Osmo. By the way, Osmo Gard Clean can also be used on surfaces made of plastic, stone or concrete.

  • Easy application – just apply
  • High coverage – only a thin application
  • 1 litre cleans approx. 30 – 100 m², depending on amount of growth.
Green growth removal