Anstrich-Entferner Gel

Developed especially for removing existing Decking-Oil and wood stains – for a uniformly cleaned surface!

Osmo Anstrich-Entferner Gel removes old Terrassen-Öl and wood stains on timber decking and garden furniture made of wood. Ideal for removing oil-based surface finishes on partially weathered timber decking so that an overall oil-free wood surface is achieved.


  • Restores a uniformly cleaned surface
  • Ideal for removing oil-based surface finishes on partially weathered timber decking 
  • Sizes: 500 ml, 2.5 L with Decking Cleaning Brush, 5 L and 10 L
  • 1 litre covers with one coat approx. 5 m2, depending on existing surface conditions. 

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Finished surface in 1 day

  1. Remove debris.
  2. Apply product thick enough (approx. 200 ml/m2) on the dry surface.
  3. Reaction time: up to 60 minutes. Keep surface damp during reaction time (e.g. with a spray bottle).
  4. Afterwards scrub the surface with a lot of clear water along the wood grain. Allow to dry for at least 48 hours (normal climatic conditions, 23 °C/50 % rel. humidity). Lower temperatures and/or higher humidity can increase drying time.
  5. After drying, inspect the wood surface and repeat the process if necessary.
  6. If the wood surface should be re-oiled, the surface must be neutralized and degreyed with Osmo Wood Reviver Power-Gel after drying.

Note: Cover all areas that should not be treated, such as sensitive plants, porous substrates (e.g. light-coloured pebble dashed concrete, render etc.), aluminium, zinc or lacquered surfaces. Have mop water ready to rinse any surface (e.g. aluminium, zinc or lacquered areas) that accidentally come into contact with gel. Please wear safety gloves and goggles.

Residues from Anstrich-Entferner Gel can have a negative influence on the drying and adhesive properties of subsequent coatings. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to thoroughly rinse the surface after treatment.

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